Monday, March 10, 2008

The Trouble With Tribbles

I love this title. I don't remember where I first saw it, but it soo fits.

I decided to take a step back from the Amigurumi toys, at least until my new book gets here. So, I wanted a quick knit project. I asked myself what do I want to knit? Maybe a couple of dishcloths for myself.

I went on Ravelry and did a pattern search for dishcloths, (I Love Ravelry). What came up over and over again were these cute little circular scrubbers called Tribbles. So I thought what the heck. All the comments talked about how easy they are to make. The comments also described how addictive they are. And you know me. I'm a sucker for addictive knits. So off I knit. I actually started with the dishcloth. I had wanted to make this particular pattern for quite some time. But I kept getting side-tracked by cloths with pictures on them. After I finished the cloth, I realized I had quite a bit of yarn left. And I had read that the Tribbles didn't use much yarn. So off I went with my first attempt at the Tribble pattern.
This pattern is so easy to knit, unless you are like me and you knit before you thoroughly read the instructions. So after a couple of sad attempts, I re-read the instructions and finally got it right. And exactly as I had been warned, I immediately cast on another one. I used the left over yarn from the Amigurumi Kitty and added it to the small amount that was left from the first Tribble.

I'll just say this, "The Trouble With Tribbles is...", once you start you can't stop making them. Just like the cute little Tribbles from Star Trek, before you know it, one turns into two. Two turns into four. Four turns into eight. And so on, and so on.



Jada said...

They are so cute!!One day I am going to learn how to knit!!I have been practicing.

Megan said...

My boyfriend and I love your amigurumi menagerie! He's bugging me to make him more amigurumi bears now!!