Monday, June 30, 2008


I love getting mail... when goodies are involved.  Today more of my ordered items came in.  Actually one thing I didn't even remember ordering.  I knew I wanted it, but didn't remember buying it.

First, from Yarny Goodness, "Flat Feet".    Including a special gift;  a really cute stitch marker and a small container of hand cream.  The Flat  Feet is in a neutral colorway with a splotch of purple.

I have been wanting to try Flat Feet since I first saw them on a blog.  Now I'll get the chance.

I also got four great skeins of hand dyed yarn from Storm Moon Knits.  I have been an avid fan of hers since I first found her Dark Mark Illusion scarf a while back, and became addicted to illusion knitting.  Then, my admiration of her talent only increased after I saw her Uncle Argyle scarf in "Son of Stitch and Bitch".  She is a phenominal designer, and I recently discovered a fabulous dyer.

I'm not sure if it was the names or the colors themselves that drew me to them.  But when I saw them in her etsy shop, I had to have them.  The first two skeins are "You Are All Weirdos!", in shades of blue.  And "Purple Rain" in shades of purple of course.  The next two are, "Gaz" which transitions from gray to purple to black.  And finally, "30 Day of Night" which goes from red to burgundy to black.  I'm not sure, but I think "30 Days..." is based on the horror movie from last year by the same name.

She also included a personalized "Storm Moon" stitch marker as a special gift.  Really cute.

Can't wait for more goodies to come my way.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


In an effort to explain the title of this post,  I'll just say the battles at work rage on.  And I'm not sure we will ever really know who won that fight.  Initially I thought they won, but now I'm not so sure.  I am starting to believe that in the long run no one is going to win.  Our losses are presenting themselves daily, and I think the companies losses will start to show a lot sooner than they may have anticipated.

Okay, that's all I'm going to say about work.  Now onto the great things in my life:  Harley (the little dog with a big attitude), knitting (when I get to actually do it), my knitting friends (when I actually get to see them, which hasn't been much lately), my family (even though most days they infuriate me, they are still my family and I love each and every one of them), and surprisingly several of my co-workers (those that I actually socialize with, which is only a handful of people).  Wow, looking back at what I just typed, I have to say "I'm a very lucky woman!"  Sometimes I forget that fact.

Every day Harley does something that surprises me, or makes me laugh.  He is such a sweet little dog (when he wants to be).  After our second vet visit he seems to have progressed by leaps and bounds.  Literally!  He has started trying to teach me how to play fetch.  That's right, I said he's teaching me to play fetch.  When we go out back, he picks up or digs up twigs and takes off running.  First he runs away from me, then towards me at top speed.  He gets as close to me as he can, but because he moves so fast I 

usually can't catch him before he runs away again.  He seems to be having so much fun that I just let him run until he tuckers himself out.  He has also started doing laps around my house.  Also at top speed.  He runs through the kitchen, dinning room, living room and hall way.  I've tried to catch him on film doing it, but as soon as I go get the camera he stops.  Maybe when I get a few extra dollars I'll get myself a camcorder and just leave it set up to catch all of his exploits.  I have caught him running around in the yard. 

Today we had our first grooming at the Petcom Grooming Salon.  And according to the groomers he did excellent.  So well so that he was done in less than an hour.  I didn't even get to finish my shopping.  Everyone is so amazed at how social he is.  There have only been two people he didn't want to touch him.  One was an ex-boyfriend and the other was a pre-teen boy at a street concert.  Otherwise he calmly sits and lets people pet and rub him as much as they want.  He even lets people hold him.  He's such a good boy.

I spent a little bit of my extra money this week and got a few things I have had my eye on for a while.

First are the Emergency Kits.  I got the original red knitting bag.  And a blue crochet bag.  I also got to tool kits to go in them.  These bags are really cool to look and will come in very handy for on the go projects.  I'm thinking I'll leave one or both of them in my car for those days I forget to grab a project to take with me.  I can't remember where I first saw these, and the first time I went
to order one, they were sold out.  Lucky for me, when I went back they had several new colors available.  Woo Hoo!!!  Go check them out.  I'd say they are definitely a must have for us knitters.

I also purchased another Julip Bag.  "A." is a fabulous bag maker.  So far I have three of her sock bags and I love each and every one of them.  Eventually I play to purchase a couple of her dog walking bags.  Soon Harley and I will have to start walking and her bag would fit the bill perfectly.

Of course in all this I didn't forget about my little boy.  Besides his many toys, I've also bought him several wife beater tanks and a really cute t-shirt.  As you can imagine these are all really more for me than for him.  But they were too cute to pass up.

I finally got around to ordering a couple of shirts from the Ravelry store.  I chose the 'agree' and 'disagree' shirts.

And seeing several of the Flat Feet sock flats on line.  And hearing that KnitPicks had dye able blanks, I broke down and bought three of them.  Dying them will be interesting, since I've never done it before.  I'm afraid of the acid dyes, so I think I'm going to try either kool aide or cake dyes.  I've got to go on a search for a
tutorial because I have no idea where to start.

I also bought several skeins of Knit Picks Comfy.  Mostly for the color.  The light lavender is going to make a gorgeous tank for the summer.  If I can every find the time and energy to actually make one.

I'll try to get some pics of the tank I'm working on now.

Have a great weekend all!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

2 lbs 2 oz

Harley has gone from 1 lb 7 oz, 3 weeks ago, to 2 lbs 2 oz at today's vet visit.  The vet says he is growing at an excellent rate.  He is actually going to be bigger than the original estimates.  He'll be closer to five pounds than than the three we were told.

He held up very well at the vet again.  At least until it was time for his second shot.  After the scare he gave me last time, the vet made sure to give him something to counteract the bad reaction to the shot before she actually gave the shot.  Needless to say, two needles to the leg and Harley was not too happy with her.  I appreciated that she had an assistant come in and hold him for the shots.  She explained that it was so Harley wouldn't associate the bad experience with me.  God bless people who know their jobs, love what they do, and do it very well.

I had hoped to go out and knit with the group today, but I'm not comfortable leaving Harley home alone, just in case his reaction to the shot is bad.  And he's in a bit of pain, so I don't want to expose him to all the attention he usually draws.  It would be really hard to tell people they can't pet him because he's in pain, when all you want to do is hold and cuddle him.

Hopefully I'll get to introduce him to everyone while I'm off work week after next.

Here he is trying to stay awake when we first got home.  It's not working.  The vet says it's to be expected.  The meds he was given make him a little lethargic and he will need to sleep it off.

I've started a re-started several tanks.  Unfortunately, nothing seems to be clicking for me.  I'm working on a basic tank now, and so far so good.  I hope I can get it to work for me this time.

More later, after a short nap and cuddle with Harley.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I saw this on Yarn Thing's blog and thought someone might be interested in my answers.

     Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Receptionist (several times)

2. Telemarketer (don't hate me.  It was a job)

3. Administrative Assistant

4. Auto Factory Worker

Four films I have watched more than once:

(you mean I can only pick four?...that is so hard!)

1. Final Destination

2. Aliens

3. The Mist

4. Deep Blue Sea

(you may have noticed a trend.  I love horror movies)

Four places I have lived:

1. Detroit

2. Long Beach, CA

3. Farmington Hills, MI

4. Westland, MI

Four places I have been:

1. Florida

2. Toronto

3. Chicago

4. Arizona

Four favorite foods:

1. Seafood

2. Chinese

3. Ice cream

4. Tiramisu!

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. on a beach knitting or reading

2. at Have You Any Wool knitting with my friends.

3. with my family

4. in Paris  (I've always wanted to go there)

Four T.V. Shows that I watch:

1. Reaper

2. Cosby Show

3. Supernatural

4. Bones

This has been going on for over half an hour straight. I'm not sure what the blue dog did to Harley, but he is definately making it pay for it! It's the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008



As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

I bought this toy for Harley Sunday, and he has made it his newest target for mass destruction. It's so funny to watch him go at it with a vengence. It's almost like he has something to prove.

Can you say "Napoleon Complex"? lol


I've decided that the puppy classes I'm going to take are going to be for me not Harley.  He already has a clear understanding of how to make me do what he wants me to do.  Now it's time for me to learn how to train him to do what I want him to do.  Obedience classes here we come.

When I first got Harley, he was so cute and laid back.  He was content to be cuddled in my arms.  Boy have times changed.  He is exploring more area in the house.  (The areas I'll allow him access to)  And he has started to play more, harder, and for longer periods of time.  It's a joy to see.  When we go out to potty now he runs around the yard and chases my feet.  It's so cute to watch.  Yesterday while we were in the yard he picked up a twig and brought it to me.  I'm thinking that's the first signs of future fetch games.

I've also figured out that as soon as I learn to lead him on a leash we are going to start taking walks regularly.  Which is going to be good for the both of us.  My only fear is, with him being so small, he'll be a target for other dogs.  I'll need to learn what precautions need to be taken to keep us both safe while walking.  I'm hoping I'll learn that in the training classes, along with a lot of other things.

On the knitting front, I finally picked up the needles this past weekend.  I cast on a new tank for summer.  I'm getting pretty brave with the knitting, and the pattern I chose appears to be fairly straight forward.  And it's definitely too cute not to want to make.  I found it on Ravelry by searching through other knitters projects tagged as tanks.  Thanks to Gryphon for designing and sharing such a sexy tank.  I only hope I can do it justice, in the making and wearing.  Check it out if/when you can.  "Thalia" rocks!

More pics to come.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Not because anything has physically changed, necessarily.  But because I have decided to embrace my situation, as it is, and stop harping on the stressful things I can't do anything about.  This change in me stemmed from a note that was left for me yesterday morning.  I have no idea who left it or why.  But I've decided to believe that someone is trying to lift my spirits. And is telling me it's time to let this emotional funk go.  The note was short, sweet and directly to the point.  And it spoke volumes to what I've been feeling lately.  And it also is a prayer that my dad has carried with him as long as I can remember.  It has meant allot to me, then and now.  Even though I may forget about it sometimes.  Now I'd like to share it with you.  I hope it can touch your heart as it has touched mine.


God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
The Courage to change the things I can.
And the Wisdom to know the difference.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm up because I have to work this morning.  I hate working on Saturdays.  They are usually a complete waste of everyone's energy.  And I don't think today will be any different.  As the pressures at work get worst and worst every day, I find it's getting harder and harder to be maintain my civility (?sp).  I am trying though.

Since I went back to work, I have only picked up my needles or hook a few times.  And now that "Harley" has arrived my focus has totally changed.  We are spending so much time getting to know each other.  And he has been such a sweet little cuddle bug on the really bad work days.  I hope that once things calm down, on the work and home fronts, that I can again pick up the sticks and start making things again.

Friday, June 13, 2008

That is currently where I find myself.
When our contract was ratified and I made the difficult decision to stay, despite what I was losing, I thought that would be the end of it. Boy was I wrong. Since we have returned to work it is clear that the cuts we took, the number of people retiring/or quiting, is still not enough for this company.
From the day we returned there has been an aggressive campaign against us. With the sole objective being: push them into the thinking the buyout is their only option, or write them up enough until they can be fired. Basically, get us out at all costs.
Management has threatened, brow-beat. and harrassed us. And we have been warned by a few of the supervisors who are sympathetic to us that this is only the begining.
A friend asked me yesterday why am I staying and putting up with the abuse. And sadly all I could say is at least I have a job. Which says alot about where are economy is right now. I know a lot of people who can't even say that!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I guess I'm not the only one who is tired. When I first got home Harley was all over me. After about a half hour of fighting with his toys, I looked over and this is what I saw. I couldn't resist sharing it.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Harley used the litter box for the forst time this morning. I am so proud. I'm truly impressed with him already. I've only had him three days and he's only had one accident in the house. Way to go Harley!

Thanks for all the nice comments about him in the last few posts. I'm glad the "Cuteness Overload" is being enjoyed.

I've been so into the new puppy life that I didnlt pick up my knitting all weekend. I need to soon so I'll know if there are going to be issues with Harley and yarn. I don't think there will be, but you never know.

Over the weekend Harley has battled and won two fights. One with a blue beanie bear, and the other with a facecloth he snatched off my bed his first morning. The beanie has become his new snuggly, as you can see from this mornings picture. And the facecloth is sometimes a blankie. It's really cute how he snuggles them after he's done attacking them.

I'd better get back to work. Have a great day "Blogland"!

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

We just got back from getting our shots. Boy was he a great patient. He took his shot like a champ. No barking or crying at all.

The battle is over. I'm not sure who won. Harley just dug his muzzle in and fell asleep. I'm calling it a TKO for CO Beanie!
This is round 3 in a battle between Harley and The CO Beanie. I'll let you know later who won.

Good morning!

The next few days, at least, are probably going to be primarily about Harley and me.  And our getting to know each other.  But I'm so excited to have him, I just can't seem to stop talking about him.  He's going to be the Sweetest little baby.

The training has begun.  And right now Harley is in his crate crying.  And it's killing me.  I know I have to teach him that whining doesn't equate to me going in there, but it's really hard.  He's so little!  I just want to hold him and cuddle him and let him know it's alright.  But I know in the long run this is best for both of us.  I don't want a yappy barking dog.  I want a friendly, cuddly little boy.  So the home training, and public socializing is a must.

On the socializing front, while we were at Petco yesterday he got handed allot.  And he got his first pedicure too.  I let anyone who wanted to hold him, hold him.  And anyone who wanted to pet him got to pet him.  I don't know for sure if this is the right way to socialize him.  But it's what I'm going to do.  I read on a breeders website that she made sure her Chihuahua was around a wide variety of people and animals early in her development, and she has no problems when anyone comes around her now.  (She said she did that in case she decided to make her a show dog).  That's what I want.  The friendly puppy, not the show dog.  I don't want Harley to be territorial of me.  I want him to except anyone I except.

Last night before bed I gave him one of my old beanie babies to play with.  (Just temporarily. I know it's not the best toy for him)  And it's probably one and a half times his size.  He grabbed ahold of it's neck bow and started pulling.  Next thing I knew he had flipped both of them out of his bed and onto me bed.  It was the most precious tug-of-war.  And the toy almost won.  He beat it down in the end though.  I can see now that I'm going to have to keep my camera handy and catch as much of this fun and funny stuff as I can.  And share it with anyone who interested.

I'm off to make myself some breakfast, and then do a bit of housework before I take him out of his crate.

Have a great Sunday and Happy Knitting!