Sunday, June 22, 2008

2 lbs 2 oz

Harley has gone from 1 lb 7 oz, 3 weeks ago, to 2 lbs 2 oz at today's vet visit.  The vet says he is growing at an excellent rate.  He is actually going to be bigger than the original estimates.  He'll be closer to five pounds than than the three we were told.

He held up very well at the vet again.  At least until it was time for his second shot.  After the scare he gave me last time, the vet made sure to give him something to counteract the bad reaction to the shot before she actually gave the shot.  Needless to say, two needles to the leg and Harley was not too happy with her.  I appreciated that she had an assistant come in and hold him for the shots.  She explained that it was so Harley wouldn't associate the bad experience with me.  God bless people who know their jobs, love what they do, and do it very well.

I had hoped to go out and knit with the group today, but I'm not comfortable leaving Harley home alone, just in case his reaction to the shot is bad.  And he's in a bit of pain, so I don't want to expose him to all the attention he usually draws.  It would be really hard to tell people they can't pet him because he's in pain, when all you want to do is hold and cuddle him.

Hopefully I'll get to introduce him to everyone while I'm off work week after next.

Here he is trying to stay awake when we first got home.  It's not working.  The vet says it's to be expected.  The meds he was given make him a little lethargic and he will need to sleep it off.

I've started a re-started several tanks.  Unfortunately, nothing seems to be clicking for me.  I'm working on a basic tank now, and so far so good.  I hope I can get it to work for me this time.

More later, after a short nap and cuddle with Harley.

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Lil Knitter said...

Aww....bless his little heart. I love when they get someone else to hold them while they get shots.
Hope he's feeling better soon...big hugs to the little man.