Monday, April 30, 2007

Here's My Haul...

First off is my Duets yarn in "Merlot" from Pick Up Sticks.

From Red Bird Knits, (left to right) a skein of purple Silken by Hand Maiden. The yarn the Harlot suggested "Romney Sock" in burgundies and browns. And a tone on tone JitterBug in "Velvet Bilberry". I didn't know there were tone on tone JitterBug colorways.

Here's a close-up of the yarn suggested by the Harlot. I actually bought a tank top worth of yarn. It's a really cute purple tweed from Cabin Fever.
From Linda's Craftique, I got a skein of Fleese Artist sock yarn and a skein of turquoise Sea Silk (my main reason for the trip).

I also got two skeins of Opal sock yarn in Flamingo and LadyBug colorways.

From the "Knitting Nimrod Collective" I got a hot pink and black skein of silk yarn.

That's right people! More Sea Silk, in purple of course, from Lettuce Knit.

From Romni Wools, (the largest yarn store I've ever seen), I got ten skeins of Touch Me. Five in Silver and five in purple. That's right do not re-adjust your set people. That's $9.90/ea Canadian. (WOO HOO!!!) And two skeins of tencel in "Plum".

From Lettuce Knit's shop. Two GoKnit pouches, a "Bitch" stitch marker, and a really cute Lettuce Knit magnet.

Wow! I got way too much yarn!



Amy said...

Woo hoo indeed for that Touch Me- what a find!! Even though I didn't buy that much, I still couldn't fit it in my yarn tubs!

Dana said...

Nice stash enhancement Lady!! I'm so jealous of your discounted purchases!

Larjmarj said...

Wow you really went crazy! Love it!
Mostly purple of course ;-)

Anonymous said...

That sure is a LOT of yarn, shorty!
How can I add to your burden? By sending you MORE of course! I'm really sad that you haven't got my parcel yet. I knew surface mail was slow, but I didn't expect it to take YEARS!
SO what I've done is sent you a small package by air mail and ordered some yarn over the internet which hopefully will arrive direct from the sellers (In USA). Watch out!

Bev Love said...

Nice stash, let me guess, you like purple :D My stash is heavy on blue. Doesn't it feel good to just squeeze and play with your yarn? Nicest part about being a knitter.