Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Sunday I took a drive out to a local LYS I had been avoiding.  And this is exactly why I had been avoiding it.  My total purchases exceeded $200.00, and my credit card is still screaming "UNCLE!"

 This is probably my new favorite yarn.  It's a hand-dyed silk/merino in a gorgeous Burnt Orange color.  (Sorry my camera, and photography skills suck)  This picture does not even come close to doing it justice to this yarn.  And with over 1200 yards of yarn, I'm now on the hunt for the perfect sweater pattern.  Something that will do this yarn justice.

The color of this yarn was very deceiving.  In the skein it was primarily blue with just a splash of red.  I can't wait to see where the color hit when it's knit up.    

 I'm not sure why I was drawn to this yarn.  I have so much yarn in this color already.  But it just kept calling to me, "Please, take me home!"

 My friends would be so proud of me.  I actually purchased a yarn that has green in it.  Granted it's not much green, but there is green just the same.  And I love it.

I also got a great new bag from the fabulous A. of Julip Bags.  She has a great talent at making the perfect bag for specific project.  This is the gorgeous lace bag I bought last week.  I love the holes on each side.  The needles thread through easily and keep me from snagging my yarn when I pull the project out of the bag.  Which I have done alot.  Thanks Miss A., for another absolutely perfect knitting bag. 

I got a couple of really cute pics of Harley hovering over the yarn while I was trying to take pics.  You can see them on his blog.  He is such a little scamp.

Happy Knitting!!!


Amy said...

Yay for shopping!

Lil Knitter said...

What an awesome day! I am drooling over all the gorgeous yarn. I can't decide which one I like best. :P
That bag is just too cute. I'll have to go check those out.

*now what are you going to knit?*