Monday, September 29, 2008


There was a knock at my door and this was waiting on my porch when I opened it.

I was puzzled.  Because I couldn't remember ordering anything.  Then I noticed that the return address was from Germany.

Ah Ha!!  I had an order that had been made several weeks ago, that I had completely forgotten about.  I couldn't even remember who had pointed me to this wonderful yarn dyer.  And now here it is.  And boy oh boy am I glad I ordered this yarn.

I have no idea what's in the water in Germany.  But between "KnitBox" and "Wollmeise",  I'd have to say the most vibrant yarns I've ever seen in person have come from German Dyers.

Wouldn't you agree?

And I have to say, my camera is no where near being a great camera.  So these pics barely do justice to this fabulous yarn.  And the brilliance and vibrancy of the colors.

First chance you get go and check out KnitBox.  

Believe me it will be worth the trip.  Just don't blame me if you actually buy something.  That's all on you!

Will the yarny goodness ever end?  I certainly hope not!

I also got copies of the pics that my friend S. took yesterday.  She got a great pic of the cake.  And luckily got not one pic of me crying.  But she did get a great group shot.  I think a few people were missing from the photo though.  I'm not sure, there was so much going on, and I was so emotional.  I'm not sure who all was there.


Lil Knitter said...

Love the cake...your friends rock!
That is absolutely gorgeous yarn. It looks so soft and squishy. I just wanna touch it...just once. I went to the site but they're on vaca and not shipping to US right now. I'll check back later. :)

Nelly Knits said...

those yarns are absolutely beautiful! you have wonderful friends!