Sunday, September 21, 2008


I know... but I couldn't resist the inference.  

My birthday brought with it lots of stash enhancement.  Locally and internet purchased.  I love having an excuse to buy things I've been wanting, but would not have bought otherwise.  So here's my Birthday SEX.

First is a book I've been eyeing for a long time.  I had a bit of a hard time deciding to get this book.  But I figured it was now or never, so I bought it.
  I can't even find the link to these books anymore.

Then there was all the yarn.  I know some of my color choices will have my friends thinking WTF!  I'll just say, "no, I have not lost my mind!"  I will say that I have gone lace crazy, though.  Which is insane since I've only completed one lace project, "Charlotte's Web", and it's not even done in lace weight yarn.  I just couldn't seem to resist all the beautiful lace.

I've also gone on a mission to attain some luxury yarns.  So far not as much has been accumulated as I would like.  But thanks to Sarah's Yarns, The Loopy Ewe and Knit Around (in Ann Arbor), I can say I have some luxury in my stash. 

So without further ado:  I present my birthday S-E-X!
 I think these are going to make several really cute cowls or hats.  Not sure yet which.   With this yarn I hope to definitely make a warm and cuddly scarf for myself.   The natural colored tie-dye is going to make a perfect cowl for either my aunt or my sister.     This silk/wool blend should be perfect for a mom project, just not sure what that is yet. This beautiful cashmere is going to make the most airy "Feather and Fan" scarf.    This yarn was ordered and purchased specifically for one of my knit friends birthday.  Green one of her favorite colors.  I hope she likes it. I'll need to go on a hunt for the perfect one-skein patterns for these gorgeous yarns.    Not sure if these will be sweaters, shawls or wraps.  I'll have to do a few swatches to see if anything comes to me. This yarn is definitely destined to be something for my sister.  She loves gold.  And is one of my few family members that I think would actually greatly appreciated a knitted gift.   What to make with navy blue lace?  I don't know either, but I couldn't resist adding it to my stash.  This cone, and this cone of lace weight will have to become shawls.  I'll be doing a serious search on Ravelry to find just the right patterns.  I'm thinking I need to pick up some beads to match also.  
   These two lace weights will also be in line for a couple of great shawls.  Or maybe presents for some friends interested in knitting lace. The main reason I bought this yarn was because of it's earth friendliness.  Processed and dyed as eco-friendly yarn.

That's it, or should I say that's enough.

Happy knitting to us all.



Stacy said...

Gorgeous yarn! Why do I feel like I want to go shopping now? Uh oh!!!

Miranda said...

looks like some great SEX! har har!

that first yarn looks super squishy!

Happy birthday again!!

Lil Knitter said...

You always pick out such gorgeous yarn! Now we need to start seeing some FOs. I want to make some cowls for Christmas any favorite patterns?

Larjmarj said...

Damn girl!!

You really raked in ;-)

Happy BD by the way!