Saturday, May 26, 2007


First was a beautiful hand made card with a wonderfully written note.

Then, CHOCOLATES!!! Bing Cherries covered in chocolate. From right here in my home state. How she managed to get them for me I don't know. But I so appreciate them. Woo Hoo! I can't wait to dig into them!

This was one of the biggest surprises in the package. I do not remember when I blogged about my State Beenie Bears collection. But I obviously did. And the world's best pal, read about it and took the time to send me one from her home state. This one brings my collection up to seven. Thank you ISE4 pal!

Even my dog Samantha got a gift. This is the most elegent dog leash I have ever seen. Something I would probably never purchased for myself, or Samantha.

Sock yarn! Sockotta sock yarn to be exact. In the cutest shades of purple. I think I might have to cast these on right away.

And the gifts kept coming. Beautiful hand made stitch markers. In purple of course!
And last, but most definately not in any way the least.
I present, my ISE4 scarf! (drum roll please)

Isn't she beautiful. I'm sorry pal about the not so perfect picture. It's a glommy day here, and I look a mess. So I draped your beautiful work over my lamp shade and snapped a pic to share with the world. Believe me, there's no way I could do your work justice on a day like today. The purple Rowan Kidsilk Haze is a perfect compliment to the beautiful lacy pattern, and beading work. (That's right people, she knit with beads around the edge) This scarf will be perfect for any cool summer nights.
Thank you so much, Dr. Ruth, for all your hard work. And for thinking me worthy or your time and energy. Thank you for thinking about my baby (Samantha), and for reading me like a book and gifting me a package full of gifts that will make my day, for days to come. I needed this more than I will say right now.

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Larjmarj said...

What great prezzies! The scarf is JUST gorgeous.