Wednesday, May 23, 2007


For those who don't know me that well, I'll let you in on a little secret. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone!)
I absolutely LOVE any and all things Betty Boop!!

Over the last few months I have come across several bloggers who made their own sock/project bags out of their own fabrics. I knew immediately that I wanted at least one Betty Boop. Since I was a die hard quilter a couple of years ago, I had collected lots of Betty Boop fabrics just waiting to become sock/project bags. My only problem is my sewing machine is broken.

I asked one of the knitters from my Tuesday night knit, that I knew enjoyed sewing and making things, if she would mind making me a bag or two out of my fabrics. She graciously said, no problem. And these precious items are the results of her wonderful work.

There's a medium sized project bag.

A small sock sized bag.

And the surprise to me, since I hadn't thought of or asked for are the mini pouch and dpn holder.

Do I have the best knit friends a girl could ask for or what? The only problem I know I'm going to have is trying to get her to let me pay her for her work. I may just have to sneak a present or two or three into her bag at next weeks knit night.



Amy said...

They turned out sooooo cute! Wish I had been there to see the look on your face. Next week I'll be able to come- yay!

buttercup said...

Those are adorable! $20 for one of those store bought pouches - BAH! They're much cuter and I'm sure you'll smile every time you use them!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Tina said...

Those bags are so cute. Would you mind sharing the pattern? I just ordered a GoKnit Pouch from Knit Picks, but it would be so much nicer if I could make one with some fabric that shows more of my personality.