Saturday, May 12, 2007


My Secret Pal struck yet again!

I got up early this morning to run a couple of errands and look what was parked on my door step:

I was not expecting any more presents from my SP10, so you can imagine my surprise. Included was a thoughtfully written letter, flavored chocolates wrapped with ribbon on the cutest purple heart (with a note inside: "To The Purple Princess"), and a Best of "Sade" cd. How did my SP know that I love Sade? If it was a guess, it was a dead on guess. Also, and I forgot to specifically mention it before, is a origami star (?). My other packages also included small pieces of origami. I am loving the well thought shapes.

When I signed up for SP10 I had no idea I would be so fortunate as to get such an extreme spoiler. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed.

Thank you Sp10! Whomever you are!


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Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the purple pansies were hand painted by moi, my dear secret pal?!