Sunday, January 28, 2007

I started my second pair of Toe Up socks yesterday using the Anastasia pattern by Pepperknit. This pattern has been in my "To Do" que since I finished my first pair of socks last year.
Sorry for the not so great photo. I'm still trying to learn how to use my new camera.

I've already discovered a major error I made on the top of the left foot. So I'll be frogging and re-doing it later tonight (maybe). Sometimes errors can be cute too!

I want to do something special for my mom, sister, and aunt for Mother's Day this year. So after some thought I've decided to make Clapotis' for my mom and sister. And a Mobius for my aunt. I found some beautiful silk yarn by Art Yarn in black, white and gray and I couldn't wait to work with it so I cast it on Friday for my sister's Clapotis. I'm already up to second dropped stitch. The pattern is being scaled down considerably, for obvious reasons. (yarn cost) I think she will really like it. I finished my first Clapotis while visiting her last year.

My mom's is going to be made out of Classic Elite Yarns Bamboo, in black. I cast that one on Friday as well. Just to get a feel for the yarn. (no pics yet)

The Mobius I'm making for my aunt is going to be made out of a gold yarn I purchased last year. I just hope I can get them all done in time.


Shelley said...

Thanks for joining the One Sock Two Sock webring!

I haven't done toe up socks yet, but those are going to be attempted very soon (probably my next pair of socks that I start). Yours look like they are coming along nicely.

tiennie said...

That is a great pattern - can't wait to see yours finished! Thanks for commenting on my blog too - I've added your site to my blog if you don't mind!