Friday, January 19, 2007

WIP & Presents

Here's the progress I've made on my Falling Leaves sock from Knitty. (sorry about the pic, still trying to figure out my camera)

I got a great surprise at my SnB at Java Hut last night. This yarn was a gift from my friend Angela. She picked it up for me while on vacation in Mexico. What a sweetheart! When I asked her to pick me up some purple yarn, I was just kidding. She took me serious and brought back these gems. I can't wait to start knitting with it.

Also, thanks for the nice comments Nik and Buttercup about my scarf and Calorimetry set.



Larjmarj said...

NOW I can see the pattern on the falling leaves socks. The pic on Knitty is kind of lame. Very cool and toe up 2 at once? I'm impressed.
That is some prrrrrrrppply yarn!

Anna said...

Those falling leaves socks are next up on my list to knit for myself! Yarn from Mexico? You have some great buddies! :-D