Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Long Time No Post...

The last week and a half have been so eventful, I've barely had time to knit. Let alone blog about knitting.

My family has been keeping me busy. Saturday after running a couple of errands, I made an appearance at Knit Michigan. I met a friend of a friend, Jae. She was working on a beautiful wrap made out of several different colors of Touch Me yarn.

Isn't it lovely?

Superbowl Sunday was spent with some of the wonderful ladies I knit with on Tuesdays and Thursdays: Beth, Amy, Angela, Jen and Tracey.

I had a wonderful time (I did hardly no knitting) watching the others knit, watching the Knitty Gritty marathon, eating great food and in the company of great friends. Amy's husband even made us a special brownie for our "Knitter Bowl". The ball is a ball of yarn. And the players are cats of course. Too cute!

Now I'm off to try to get some knitting done before bed.


Amy said...

I had a great time too! The guys at Joe's work had fun eating the leftover brownies, too.

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

The brownie is just too cute. What a guy1

Larjmarj said...

Sorry I missed it but I was just too queasy. Angela certainly looks like she's getting ready for St. Patty's day early! LOL.