Monday, February 19, 2007

Sometimes Life Sucks!

I have spent almost two weeks on a pair of top down Jaywalkers, curtisity of Natalia Knits. And at Knit Afternoon In at my LYS yesterday I discovered that after the gusset increases, and a terribly hard time with the heel, I had made the sock over two inches to big. One of the ladies whom I was knitting with at the store kept hinting about how they would fit her, and she'd love them. As much as I'd love to give them to her, I can't do it. So sorry Tanya! But after hours of agonizing I have frogged them and put the yarn aside to be knit into a pair of socks later. Crazy I know! But I couldn't part with the idea of this yarn as a pair of Jaywalkers for me.

Now I've got to decide what to do now. I have lots more sock yarn to knit up. And lots of patterns I want to knit. Maybe the other Jitterbug sock yarn I have, or maybe even the beautiful yarn I got from the Yarn Pirate last week. I need to decide quick.


Amy said...

Yikes! So sorry they don't fit. I say work on something else for a bit until you can stand them again.

Tina said...

Isn't it a bummer when you realize you are going to have to frog a project you have been working so hard on. But at least you didn't finish them before discovering they weren't going to fit.

Tanya said...

damn. And I thought I was in! :)