Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a difference a day makes...

Since my last post a few things have happened to me. First off, I turned 38 Wednesday. Yaa Hoo! (Thanks for birthday wishes) Then, my job announced a 1 week layoff, which I jumped on with both feet. So, I decided to treat myself for my birthday, and that brings me to where I am now, ARIZONA! That's right, you heard it. As soon as the layoff was confirmed I jumped on the internet and hunted down a great last minute fare, packed, boarded my baby, jumped on the first thing smoking and flew out to Arizona to spend some time with my folks. Since my birthday had just passed, and my mom's is upcoming (25th), it seemed like a great present for both of us.

I'm a little sad though. I truly enjoy my Tuesday night knit out, and am going to miss seeing the ladies this week. So if any of Tuesday at the Bou ladies are reading this, I'll see you guys week after next. Having a great time for me!

I'm looking forward to the much warmer weather here, so I'll be clicking away with my knitting needles and my camera, and hope to have some great things to share.

See ya soon! I'll try to post some updates while I'm here. The views around here are spectacular! And I'd can't wiat to share them with you all.



rachel said...

Pfew! I read in your comment on my blog that you had gotten laid off--glad to see it's only very temporary (keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way for you)! Have a great trip, we'll miss you this week!!

Wendy said...

That's exactly what I want for me 38th Birthday (July) - a temporary layoff! A colleague of mine had bunyans, and managed to take off 6 weeks, 3 weeks for each foot -- I actually started googling "how to get bunyans." Unfortunately, I needed to start years ago with shoes that didn't fit. Sigh - but a temporary layoff would work.

Enjoy your time with your folks!