Saturday, November 15, 2008


 Two weeks ago was my friends Beth's birthday.  We didn't get to celebrate it until this past Sunday.  We were set to have a mini celebration at one of my LYS's.  But unfortunately, the birthday girl got sick and wasn't able to stay for her own party.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get as many pics as I would have liked.  I hope for the time she was there she enjoyed what we put together for her.

I finally did something with two of the singles I had recently spun.

The turquoise is from the Rolags I purchased from "Rainy Days Wool Dogs".  Which I found thanks to Alcariel and Miss Violet of Lime and Violet fame.  And the copper was one of my first fiber purchases at my LYS EweNique Knits.

Unfortunately the copper single came out over-spun.  Not sure what to do about that yet.  I tried my hand at plying with the turquoise, and am so pleased with how it came out.

Not to bad if I do say so myself!



theatreknitter said...

our spinning looks wonderul. can't wait till mine gets that even. so nice to see what I can strive for. The party looked like fun.

Amy said...

See, that's where getting a wheel will come in handy. I fixed some overspun yarn by sending it through the wheel quickly in the opposite direction to take out some of the twist.
By the way, how did the wheel checking out go?
That sucks about the battery! Maybe it's the alternator?

Sara said...

Ahh! Don't show my icky badly-decorated cake!

Nice spinning though