Tuesday, October 28, 2008


That's right!  It's a lighted spindle.  I know, I know!  There's never going to be a reason for me to spindle spin in the dark.  But I didn't care.  When I saw it here on etsy.com, I had to have it.

You have to admit, it's pretty cool.  Even on my crappy camera.

I can't remember where I heard about this book.  But I'm so glad I made the purchase.  From just leafing through it.  I'm excited!  I think this is going to be a very inspiring book!

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Crochet Goddess said...

I want to buy this book. The front cover was the first thing that made me want to buy. I noticed it last week on a blog or website not sure where now. I need to go to the bookstore to check it out and see whats inside. I hope you have a great weekend.