Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I tried to share these over the weekend, but I most have done something wrong.  So here is my second attempt at sharing the exploits of my little guy.

In this video, I finally caught Harley running through the house at full speed, sort of.  Of course as soon as I got the camera out he stopped.  That's why it's such a short video.

Here's a video of Harley that I took to show how long it takes him to fall asleep.  It's so funny watching him twist and fidget and blink until he finally falls asleep.

Mom and dad get here tomorrow morning.  And I've been working my butt off to get myself and the house ready for their visit.  Not that it's going to matter to my mom.  Nothing I do is ever good enough for my mom.  But I continue to try.



Jerry said...

Your Harley is too cute for words. I forgot they get a burst of energy and run like hell round the rooms. My dog did that too ;) I love watching them fall asleep, especially when they're young like that.

Love ya....Me

Lil Knitter said...

He's so cute...just a little blur in that first video. lol
I think he's just fighting sleep and peeking out to make sure he's not missing anything.
Good luck with the visit...I totally understand your feelings on that one.

Purlygrl said...

Makes me want to get a baby brother or sister for Gulliver

Larjmarj said...

SO cute!!

I love the spazzing out and running amok vid.