Saturday, May 31, 2008


When I lost my little girl a few weeks ago I said I would NEVER get another dog.  I should have known better than to say never.  Because within a week I had begun to consider getting another little baby.  I had started wondering aimlessly around my house, sad and lonely.  It started out with me getting up in the morning ready to go for my daily walk only to remember that the walks were no longer necessary.  Which inevitably lead to short crying jags.  And so began the search to determine what kind of new bundle of joy I might want.  I flip flopped back and forth from a cat to a dog (a small dog of course).  And I was leaning more towards a Chihuahua.  I had been researching Chihuahua's for as long as I could remember.  I just never thought I'd want to spend that kind of money on a new best friend.  In passing on my first day back to work, I mentioned to a good friend that I was "thinking" about getting one.  He went home and in passing mentioned it to his wife.  And her response was, "I just saw an ad for someone selling them."  He called and found out she only one had left.  He called to let me know, and I said I'd call her the next day (Friday).  I figured if she still had the puppy, then it was meant to be.  And she did still have him.  At a price that I still find hard to believe.  So Friday after work off we went to see if he and I would bond.   And as you might be able to tell from our first picture, we did!  And home he came to join my family. 

So without further ado, meet the little dog with the big personality and name to match,  "Harley Davidson G."

You can probably tell, it had been a long day for me.  8hrs at work.  An hour long drive to my friends house.  30 minutes to the breeders house.  45 minutes bonding and getting to know each other. 30 minutes back to my friends.  And an hour and a half visiting with them, and letting their dogs get to know "Harley".  45 minutes in PetSmart getting the essentials, and an hour home.  I didn't get to be until close to 10pm, and I had to go into work this morning. 

Like a said, a really long day.  With a great gift in the middle.


Lil Knitter said...

What a cutie! Looks like you've bonded pretty well already. Congrats, I'm sure you two are gonna have many happy years together.

*warning..."Chi"s can be pretty dang stubborn.* but they're so cute.


Que Sarah said...

Harley is so adorable!! Congrats on your new little one!!

Amy said...

He's so cute!!

Larjmarj said...

OMG he's so frikkin cute!!!

Congrats on your new baby!

Dana said...

Oh.My.Goodness. If that isn't the cutest little dog, then I don't know what is.

Congrats on the new family member!