Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is It Over Yet???

I'm sure anyone who knows me is wondering why I would say something like that. But this weekend I've been in an almost constant state of confusion and exhaustion. Friday started out so well; The weather was finally beginning to break (hurry up spring). Work wasn't as bad as it has been in the past few weeks. And I had plans for Saturday and Sunday. But as is usually the case (Murphy's Law - "What can go wrong, will go wrong!"), by the middle of the day I got a call from a good friend. She was on a deadline and needed my help. So what else could I do but help? Unfortunately what should have taken a few hours ended up taking most of the weekend. I actually just finished about two hours ago. But because of it I missed dinner at "The Melting Pot" Saturday afternoon with friends, a "Grown and Sexy" party Saturday night, and a co-worker's son's first birthday party. Basically, my whole weekend was shot to hell.

In between the work I tried to get some me time. I read my favorite blogs that had updated during the week, and even left a few comments (I'm trying not to be such a lurker). I worked on my new Monkey sock by the fabulous Cookie A.. I made a decision on the scarf pattern and yarn for the ISE4 I joined. I also got a couple of rows done on my mom's Mother's Day present. But that's about all I was able to do.

Now, I'm off to get some more work done on my Monkey sock. I'd really like to have them done before the end of the month for Soctopia and SAM3 KAL.

I'm actually ready, but not looking forward to, going back to work tomorrow.


Amy said...

Deprived of fondue? Lady, that's just not right. Hope you have a better weekend next time (you know I'm going to make you come to see the Harlot...)

buttercup said...

I didn't know you were a Socktopian too! I'm frantically working on finishing my March socks, but after the weekend Knit Off, my hands hurt and are tired.

I hope your friend takes you out for the dinner you missed as a thank you for all your help. I think you need another weekend!

Anonymous said...

But you sound like a great friend in need!
I have some good news - after your lousy weekend - your first parcel of goodies is all packed up and ready to go and will be in the post just as soon as I can get to the post office (tomorrow?). I can't wait to see what you think.
HUGS from me and it sounds like it can only get better - you know, weather, life, the universe...
What IS a grown and sexy party when it's at home?