Friday, November 24, 2006

Yarn Crawl...

Today, a couple of my knit friends and I went on our first yarn crawl together. I had such a great time. Of course I spent way to much money, but I didn't care. It was well worth the spending diet I'll have to put myself on.

We started off at "Old Village Yarn Shop" in Plymouth, MI. Their selection was okay. There was a skein of yarn I had my eye on, but since it was our first stop, and it was a relatively expensive yarn, I didn't buy it. This is what I did buy:

After a quick lunch we made our way to our second stop, "The Knitting Den" in South Lyon. What a quaint store. I love knitting shops in what used to be houses. And the ladies there were so friendly. My haul there was a bit bigger than our first stop.

Since I returned to knitting back in March, and started knitting in public with other area knitters, I had been hearing how great "Knit A Round Yarn Shop" in Ann Arbor is. I have to whole heartedly agree with everything I've been told. This shop is a dream come true. Their selecton and prices are outstanding. And their customer service, well what can I say? One of the young ladies saw I pattern I purchased, asked a couple of simple questions about the results I wanted, and made notes on the pattern for me to insure that I'd get the end result I wanted. What more can you ask for from your LYS, than kindness, consideration, and forethought!
I spent so much money there, I'll probably need to abstain from buying yarn until next year. (yeah right!)

The last store we went to, "Busy Hands", also in Ann Arbor. Is a small, but very nice store. They had the largest selection of Malibrigo I've seen so far. I picked up two hanks, a silver grey with a tinge of pink, and a verigated purple hank. I also got a second pair of purple scissors. (I do LOVE anything purple)

Needless to say, I had the best time I've had in quite a while. Thanks to two of the nicest friends, knit or otherwise, a woman could ask for. Thanks Amy and Beth (Detroit Area Knitter - Tuesday nighters), for making this such a great day. Great Friends, Great Stores, Great Yarn, and of course "WOO HOO - Chocolate Fondue!!!"


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Amy said...

I had a great time too-- now to hurry up and knit all the yarn I bought! :)