Thursday, November 02, 2006

I became a joiner this week. While surfing through links on some of my favorite blogs I found a link to "MinxKnits" who is hosting a KAL specifically for November and Noro Yarns. Hence the name Norovember. I coulldn't wait to join up. A knitting friend of mine recently completed her "Lady Elanor" from Scarf Style in Noro Silk Garden, and so inspired me to do one too. It started out as a gift project, yarns chosen by my aunt. But as I fondled the yarn it hit me. My first Lady "E" should be for me. So, I've redirected the project as a gift for me.

Here's my progress so far:

The pics aren't that great. They don't show the colors as well as I'd like. The purples, teals, greys and greens are going to look great.

I actually started this Tuesday at knit night. But I had to frog it when I realized I was using the wrong size needles. Then I had to frog it again yesterday after I screwed up the first tier 2 rectangles. Don't knit when you have a migraine. It isn't worth the mistakes, just to get a few more rows done. Especially when you end up having to rip them back. I'll try to post every few days, to record my progress.


Ava said...

Looking good to me! It's hard not to knit when you really want even when you have a migraine, or my case even when I'm about to fall asleep mid-stitch! So, what's knitting without ripping, right?

Larjmarj said...

Can't wait to see her in person!