Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What was I waiting for?

Last week I broke down and bought a table top swift. I rolled my first ball using it by hand and I hated it. So today I went to my LYS and bought a ball winder. What in the world had I been waiting for? I spent a few hours winding some of the skiens from my stash. Boy oh boy did I have a ball (pun intended)!

Only problem now is I want to wind everything. I had so much fun! I'll probably end up spending most of the weekend winding all the skiens in my stash. I wouldn't be surprised if I go out and buy more yarn just to have more skiens to wind. I'm hooked, and I don't want to stop myself.

It's also amazing me how different the colors of a skien look once they're wound into a ball. I actually found a couple that I don't like the colors together anymore. But I suppose I need to actually knit with them to see what I really think. The colors will probably look altogether different in a swatch. We shall see.



Kate said...

Ball winders are fantabulous fun aren't they! Just a bit of elbow work, and suddenly there is order where once there was chaos. The next best thing is a skein winder - multi-coloured skeins just look divine all twisted in themselves.

Amby said...

LOL, I did the same thing when I got my winder and swift...spent an entire evening winding up all the yarn in my stash!