Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is It Just Me?

The "Knit Out" friday night at a LYS netted me the most velvety soft yarn. It's called "Touch Me" by Meunich Yarns. I'll tell you the name says it all. I couldn't help but touch it. When I sat down at the table the rich colors caught my attention almost immideately. But I resisted. My eyes were drawn to the basket holding it every few minutes. But I resisted. I sat through the whole "Knit Out" wanting just to see if it felt as rich as it looked. But I resisted. Unfortunately, I asked about it, the shop owner handed me a ball to feel, and the rest is history. My resistance melted away in an instant. As did any hope of maintaining my budget for the week. "Touch Me" is way to expensive for me, I know. But once I had my hands on it, I wanted to just lay down and roll around in it. And it didn't help that they had it in one of the most regal shades of purple, my favorite color, that I have ever seen. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to make out of it. Whatever it is, it's got to be something close to the skin so I can enjoy the velvety feeling as often as possible.

"Hello. My name is Shorty and I am a yarn addict!"

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Nik said...

I'm often the only black woman at knitting events...or only one of very few that come. it doesn't bother me though. I think that it's because I'm used to being "the only ONE" in such situations because of my environment. I do feel great, though, when I see another sista show up to knit with us.