Sunday, February 08, 2009


I'll start off this post sharing a couple of pictures from our annual "Knitting Bowl"!  We had a great time as always.  And luckily Frottez's husband "J" made us a great brownie for our event.  If you're reading this J., sorry it took me so long to post about it.  He actually made one to represent each team and we got this one!

Our great friend, and first time "Knitting Bowl" knitter, Sara, made this great vegan cake.  And all I can say is it was excellent.  And I raved about it all week.

Here are the early bird's, minus me (I'm taking the picture).  Tina, Amy, Sara and our wonderful hostess Angela.

I spent this weekend photographing and posting the pics of my sock yarn stash.  Which is ridiculously large by the way.  And took two days to do.  Saturday's post and Sunday's post.

After some searching for a new project I decided to knit "The Baby Surprise Jacket".  There were a couple of false starts, but after a Friday afternoon SnB with Sara, and her expert advice on the project, I finally got it up and going.

Here's Harley sitting on it as I was trying to photograph it.  At this point I had finally gotten to the increase rows.  Which I thought I'd never get to.

I can't wait to see how this is going to turn out.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Sara Jane said...

Yay! You're already at the increase rows! Took me much longer to get that far.
Cute photo with Harley! The stripes look nice.

Sara Jane said...

P.S. If you want, I can show you how to weave in ends as you knit. That's the only way I made it through my Dr Who scarf, wonderful technique.