Thursday, January 10, 2008

First FO'S in 2008
While I was visiting my parents for Christmas they both admired my Fuzzy Feet from, so I decided to make them each a pair. These are for my mom, they match her "Red Hatter" house frock that she wears.
Here they are prior to felting.
And here they are stuffed and drying patiently.
I also finally Kitchenered the toes on the "Red Hatter" socks I knit for her back in August. Scout from Scout's Swag so graciously dyed this yarn specifically for me, last summer, to make socks for my mom. And the colors came out absolutely perfect.
The fact that it took me almost six months to kitchener two toes is absolutely shameful. But at least they're finally done.
Now for my dad I've got to cast on a pair of Fuzzy Feet, finish his golf club covers, and make him a Topi hat (also from Knitty) to wear while he plays golf. Whew, that sounds like a lot. I hope I can get them all done before I get side-tracked again.

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