Sunday, June 11, 2006


I wanted to introduce my baby to the bloging universe. Her name is Samantha. She is the worlds most spoiled Shitzu. At fifteen, this is about all she does now, sleep. Every once in a while, when I first get home from work, she gets excited for about five minutes and jumps all over me and the furniture. Then she settles back into the position you see her in now. Laying down on her denim quilt, with her pillow, on my sofa, with one eye on what her mom is doing. She is just so darn cute sometimes.

She is my heart. Since I don't have any children, she is treated like a baby by my whole family. Even my mom, who is not a fan of animals, call her her grandbaby. Funny huh?

Sometimes the things I find myself doing for her shock even me. And other times they seem so natural. Does that make me crazy? Never mind don't answer that! lol

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