Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Introducing Shorty!!!

Since this is my first blog I thought I should use it to introduce myself.

My name is Sonya. I'm thirty something, divorced woman with no children. I live in Detroit, MI, and only recently re-entered the world of knitting.

A very sweet neighbor taught my sister and I to knit almost thirty years ago. And since then I have tried my hand at many other crafts. My most recent obsession,before knitting, was quilting. My dad's golf buddy introduced me and my mom to his wife, who is a quilter. She graciously taught my mom and I to quilt. For about two years we met every week and shared stories, ideas, and projects (new and future). After my parents moved to Arizona, and my friends health started to fail, I started looking for a new hobby. One day I decided to take my friend to the theatre to see "The Three Mo' Tenors", and downstairs from the theatre was a fantastic yarn shop. From the moment I walked in the door and touched the yarn, I was hooked. That was only about two months ago, but my stash is already overflowing several bins in my spare room.

About the same time, I upgraded my iPod from a Nano to a Video iPod. When I did, a friend and I started talking about podcasts. After a quick search I found several on knitting, and again I was hooked. Thanks to Dr. Emmie and several other podcasts I found my way to blogger.com. And now here I am posting to my very own blog.

I can't wait to see what will happen next.


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Cutie said...

Here is an invite to be part of the ring!


Just click that, fill out the form, and when you finish that, the next page that comes up has some html code on it. Select and copy that code, and paste it on your blog template where you would put links (the Google Edit me part on your sidebar)

Then I can approve you for the ring, and then I will send you an invite to post on the Sistahfriends Blog!

Let me know if anything doesn't make sense.

Emms :)