Friday, May 19, 2006


I was chatting with a new knitting friend earlier about some of the yarn I recently purchased and I realized there was a way for me to show some of my stash. I could post a picture in my blog to show the different brands of bamboo and soy silk yarns I have collected over the last few months. When you consider I just started knitting again a few months ago, the fact that I have this many different types is kind of sad. Most of these were purchased without any type of project in mind. I saw them, I wanted them, I bought them. What does that make me? I know my impulse control is bad, but it's times like this that show just how bad I am.


del said...

Stash-browsing makes me giddy! Don't try to resist temptation; your stash is only going to continue to grow, LOL! Glad you're part of Sistah Friends.

Nikki said...

I also go yarn shopping now with no project in mind. When I first started knitting again about 8 months ago I would go shopping for a particular yarn for a project and get so frustrated when I couldn't find it so I don't do that anymore :) I like to see a broad spectrum of colour when I open my knitting chest and when I don't I know it's time to start shopping again. I have also just started designing and I get a lot of inspiration from the random balls of yarn I have chosen just because I liked the way they looked. For me there are no rules in knitting so just go with your flow :)